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There are two versions of Unvaccinated - Our Turn to Talk. These are a Print Book and an Epub Ebook.

The Print book is easier to read when you are offline and away from your computer. Print books also make better gifts to share with friends and family. The Print Book is 292 pages. The cost is $30. If you order directly from our book publisher, Better Future, we will pay the tax and include free shipping to anywhere in the US. Email us for an estimated shipping cost if you live anywhere else in the world. Here is a link to order the Print Book:

The Ebook cost much less than the print book – mainly because we do not have to pay to have the book printed and shipped. Ebooks are ideal if you want a book you can read on your computer using an Ebook reader. The cost for the Ebook is only $5. Here is a link to order the Ebook.

You will need to add an Ebook Reader to your computer in order to read the Ebook. Be aware that many older Ebook readers will not display newer Ebooks very well. We explain how to add a modern Ebook Reader at this link:

Feel free to email us if you have any questions.


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