Welcome to Unvaccinated... Our Turn to Talk

More than one hundred million Americans have refused to take a Covid vaccine and many more Americans oppose Covid vaccine mandates. Since 2020 there have been many doctors and scientists speaking out against the Covid vaccines and the US government response to the Covid virus. Yet, their serious concerns have been ignored. This book introduces you to many such doctors, scientists and highly esteemed people and their research.

Unvaccinated people have experienced a barrage of hateful insults and discrimination. To varying degrees, each has lost friends and family and they have lost trust in the mainstream media, the health care system, all levels of government and sadly their fellow Americans. Freedom of speech was lost, too. These losses still linger inside unvaccinated people.

mistakes made

In this book, we the unvaccinated, finally get a chance to tell our story. Learn why we oppose vaccine mandates and chose not to get vaccinated. Learn about the huge increase in unexplained deaths in working age people and learn about the many vaccine associated injuries and deaths that have occurred since the 2021 mass vaccination campaign roll out.

United in our convictions that personal healthcare decisions and medical freedom are basic human rights worth fighting for and after two years of being censored, attacked, insulted, slandered and blacklisted, it is now our turn to talk.